How to remove malware on a Chromebook using the ChromeOS browser extension

The extension adds a simple but effective way to remove all of the malware on your Chromebook by default.

If you’ve been running ChromeOS on a device with an operating system version older than ChromeOS 7.0 (and even older than 7.1), you’ll need to install this extension.

You can download it from Google’s Play Store and install it via the Chrome browser on your ChromeOS device.

If you don’t already have the Chrome extension installed, open the Chrome OS browser and navigate to the Extensions tab and install the extension.

After installing the extension, you’ll be able to start browsing the internet on your new Chromebook by simply typing the URL for the extension in the address bar.

After typing the domain name, you can search for the file or app that you want to remove.

The search results should include an icon that looks like the following.

The extension can also be installed via Chrome’s official Chrome Web Store, which is a free service.

You can also download it directly from Google Play.

The Chrome extension is available for all major operating systems and Chrome OS.

For instructions on how to install the Chrome Extension on Chrome OS, read our guide on How to install an extension on ChromeOS.