How to beat JCPenney’s Rs 1,000 coupon-swap scam: The JCPensney press conference

On Thursday, a day after the Delhi High Court issued an interim order, the JCPenny press conference was delayed by the Supreme Court after it ruled that it could not be held without permission from the court.

The Supreme Court order on Thursday was not issued on time, with a delayed press conference, and the JMP was held without any news from the company.

The company, which is the fourth largest retail chain in India, has already been forced to cancel about 100,000 orders in the last few months, forcing it to cut back on the number of outlets it has in India.

The JCPenes chief executive Amitabh Kant had said on Tuesday that the company was not ready to offer Rs 1 lakh coupons in the next few days, as it had to conduct further investigations to determine how the scheme works.

He said that JCPers were being given Rs 1.5 lakh coupons and that the coupons had been “reduced” to Rs 1 at the time of the announcement.