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A New York Times journalist, who was a veteran of the New York tabloid press, has been fired from the newspaper after a story about the death of his mother, which was published on Friday, The Times said in a statement.

The New York Daily News, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., also reported that David Corn, the Times’s reporter for the New Orleans area, had been fired.

The story was published under a headline that read, “Mother dies in New Orleans,” but it said little about the circumstances surrounding the death.

It also said that Ms. Corn had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

In an email to The Times, Mr. Corn said the article “went out of its way to make a connection between the death and the hurricane.

It is an example of how the New England media has fallen victim to the media bias of the tabloid press.”

The story did not mention that Ms, Corn had bipolar disorder, the article said.

The Times reported that Ms., Corn was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2005, and had been prescribed antipsychotics and other medication.

The paper said that she died on Dec. 1.

In a statement, the newspaper said that it was “shocked and saddened” to learn of Ms. Cornell’s death.

“David Corn’s death has devastated our family, and we have lost a true friend and colleague,” the statement said.


Corn was an assistant editor at The Times who worked in the bureau bureau bureau in the New Jersey area.

The bureau’s senior editor, John D. Rosenthal, said in the statement that Mr.

Corn had been a “strong and dedicated” reporter.

“He was also a dedicated family man who enjoyed his journalism and the outdoors.

We will all miss him terribly,” Mr. Rosenthal said.

“His spirit will be greatly missed.”

The Times also said it had fired Ms. Miller.

“We take our journalism seriously and we will continue to do so,” the newspaper statement said, adding that Mr, Corn was also on leave from his job as the bureau’s bureau chief in New York City.

Ms., Miller was also an assistant news editor at the Times, a job she held from 2012 to 2016.

A person familiar with the investigation of Ms.,Corn’s death said that the death was reported on Thursday but that it had not been formally investigated.

The person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing, said Ms.

Miller had been working for The Times for less than a year and had only recently left.

Ms Miller had written for the Times in 2009, a year before she was hired by the newspaper.

The two had worked together at the paper’s bureau in New Jersey, where she was based in the office of the bureau chief, Mr., Rosenthal said in his statement.

“I have had the great honor and privilege of working with and for one of my good friends in my time at The New Jersey Times,” he said.

Mr. Rosenthal added that Ms Miller was “one of my best friends.”

Ms. Coulter, a frequent contributor to the paper, had worked at the bureau for more than 10 years.

The newspaper said in its statement that Ms Coulter had resigned from the paper last month, after the New Yorker, a newspaper based in Manhattan, published an article about her death that was published Friday.

The article reported that she had died of pneumonia, a condition Ms. Coolson has battled with.

The Post, which owns the newspaper, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The family of Ms Coulter, who had previously said she was “too tired to be crying” on her Facebook page, said on Sunday that the paper would not be able to publish an article until the family received an apology.

The editor in chief, James O’Keefe, the conservative journalist who worked with Mr. Trump in 2016, said Sunday that he was “disappointed” by the Times’ decision.

“It was a very bad move,” Mr, O’Malley said on CNN.

“And I think the apology from the New Yorkers paper, the apology they gave to the family, it’s just a big, big mistake.”

The article was the second of several to air on Friday about the fatal crash of a helicopter in northern Louisiana.

The helicopter was taking off from a landing site in New Caledonia, about 15 miles from Baton Rouge, when it crashed.

It was carrying two American and two French journalists, including a French citizen.

In the crash, the helicopter sustained serious damage and two people were killed.

The French authorities said one of the two French citizens died.

Ms Coulter died on Thursday in her home in the coastal city of New Orleans, a city where she had lived for about 15 years, according to the newspaper’s website.

The Daily News reported that her son, Kevin, told the newspaper that his mother had been “the most beautiful person I