Israel, US agree on ‘unbreakable’ truce agreement

Israel and the United States agreed to a ceasefire agreement Sunday after days of escalating violence in the occupied West Bank.

The agreement came hours after US President Donald Trump and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu held talks in the White House to coordinate efforts to achieve a lasting truce, the White Senate said in a statement.

Trump said on Sunday that the deal is a “historic” one, and Israel is now a country of peace.

“It is a historic moment, and it is a victory for Israel and a victory of peace in the Middle East,” Trump said.

Netanyahu told reporters after the talks that he has no doubt that Israel will prevail.

The deal, first proposed by the Israeli prime minister in mid-January, would require Israel to withdraw more than 1.5 million of its soldiers from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a major concession to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Palestinians have rejected the deal, saying it does not give Palestinians a long-term homeland and does not include any security guarantees.

Trump and Netanyahu, who have been at odds for decades over Jerusalem, have also clashed over the fate of US soldiers killed in combat in Afghanistan.

Trump said on Saturday that he was “not happy” with the decision to leave 6,000 US troops in Afghanistan and would consider leaving a similar number in the country.

“I don’t like it.

I’m not happy with it.

That’s not a problem.

We’re going to be very happy if we leave the troops there,” he said.