How to create a great photo with the new iPhone 6s camera

LONDON, March 19 (UPI) — It’s not just your iPhone 6’s camera that has changed with the introduction of the new camera, Apple has also changed its way of producing photos.

The iPhone 6S camera features a 20 megapixel sensor, which Apple says is 20 times more sensitive than the 20 megapixels of the iPhone 5S and is capable of capturing “superior photos in low-light situations.”

In terms of quality, the new smartphone’s camera also has improved autofocus and image stabilization.

Apple has also said it will continue to develop software for iOS that will help developers better optimize for the camera’s capabilities.

Apple is also offering free photography classes, workshops, and courses to anyone who wants to learn how to take photos of their loved ones.

The new camera also comes with a new user interface, which is called iPhone 6 Plus.

The new interface offers improved image stabilization, enhanced noise reduction, and a new “smart” image mode that allows you to turn on and off the camera for specific times.

The app also offers a new iOS 10.3 update that adds more features and improvements to the camera, such as improved image and video stabilization and faster switching between HDR mode and the native RAW format.

Apple says it is also bringing its iOS 9.3 and iOS 9 photo editing tools to the new device.