What to know about the US trade war: Here are some key points

The US has been engaged in a trade war with China for more than a year now.

But that’s just the beginning.

In a new press release from the National Security Council, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has been speaking about the latest skirmishes.

Kelly says he’s “worried” about China and wants to know what Trump is going to do to stop the trade war.

Here are the key points: The White House has said China has been manipulating its currency and that Trump’s administration is looking into “how to deal with that.”

The president has also said he wants to “immediately impose tariffs” on goods made in China.

The trade war began during the administration of President George W. Bush, when the US accused China of “unfair” practices in the global trade system.

Kelly said Trump is looking to “work with our allies” to “address that issue.”

“China has been aggressively trying to undermine our global economic order and we are working with our partners and allies to address that issue,” Kelly said.

What’s the US doing about China? “

We’ve been working with allies like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and others to resolve the issue through our bilateral and multilateral mechanisms.”

What’s the US doing about China?

In addition to a new round of trade sanctions, the Trump administration has also been investigating whether Chinese companies have been violating US laws by dumping their goods in the US market, and whether the government is retaliating against US companies for taking advantage of the global economic crisis.

The president said during his press conference on Tuesday that he will “impose tariffs on goods that are manufactured in China.”

Kelly added that he is also working with US allies to “disrupt” China’s attempts to use the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to block the US economy from expanding.

The White the president is also trying to convince China to make concessions, but Kelly said China’s recent actions in the region, including a string of ballistic missile tests and military exercises, have “increased the risk of confrontation.”

Kelly said he’s concerned that China will “try to make itself less attractive” and said that “if China is going on to make unilateral commitments, then we have to be prepared for that.”

Kelly also said that China has “abused its power in the South China Sea” by “continuing to assert itself” in the area.

In his speech, Kelly also spoke about the Trump Administration’s plans to fight terrorism and called the US “the world’s most effective police force.”

Kelly cited his own experience working with the Drug Enforcement Administration, saying that when the drug czar told him the DEA was investigating drug traffickers, he said, “No, sir, we’re not doing drugs.”

He also said the DEA is “one of the few agencies that is actually fighting crime in the country.”

The White house said in a statement that “this is a time when the United States has to make its voices heard and we have a responsibility to protect our communities and to stand up for our values.”

“We need to get back to the core of what America is all about,” Kelly added.