Israeli military approves acquisition of U.S.-made anti-tank missile

The Israeli military has approved the acquisition of the U.N. standard-definition anti-armor missile, the Israel Defense Forces announced Thursday.

The Defense Ministry approved the sale of the missile to the U and C-5 Joint Strike Fighters, the IDF said.

The decision is the result of a request for information on the development of the missiles.

Israel is one of the only countries in the world that possesses the UASM, which has an operational capability against armored vehicles.

Israel has long relied on the UAV to carry out attacks on military targets.

In 2015, Israel attacked a Hezbollah weapons depot in Lebanon with the UA-18, a U.A.E.-produced version of the advanced UAV.

The IDF said the UAs are used in operations against the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including the Gaza border.

The missile has been in Israeli service for nearly 40 years.