Australian government launches program to combat online fraud

The Australian Financial Press (AFP) has released the first of its five annual report on the Australian Government’s digital strategy.

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In its report, titled ‘Digital in the Australian Public Interest’, the AFP found that Australians are spending $4.6 billion on digital media services annually, with a significant amount of this being spent on digital content and the sharing of data.

The report found that while Australians are keen to share information online, they are increasingly willing to share this information with others online.

The AFP also found that there is a significant gap between the information being shared on social media platforms and the information shared by individuals on social networks.

For example, the AFPC reported that of the $1.2 billion spent on content, $1 billion was spent on Facebook, $200 million on Twitter, and $50 million on YouTube.

In 2016, the total spend on digital information was $3.2 million, which was down from $5.4 million in 2016.

The majority of the savings from the reduction in spending has come from the elimination of online advertising and sponsorship.

The government has also announced that it will spend $20 million this year to upgrade the digital advertising infrastructure in the country.

In its 2017 digital strategy, the government has outlined plans to increase the amount of content shared online, with the aim of increasing the amount people can share.

It also proposes to increase access to content by allowing users to access content through the ‘virtual library’ feature in search engine results.

The budget also includes a plan to increase spending on the ‘Digital Service Fund’ to $50 billion by 2020, with funds allocated to digital services, including digital advertising and media partnerships, by the end of the year.

The digital strategy also outlined how the government would work with organisations such as media, education and the arts to improve the quality of information in Australia.

It outlined a number of actions the government will take to improve information sharing, including:Enabling the development of online community hubs to support digital and non-digital collaboration;Developing a national network of digital service providers to share content with the public;Installing an online portal that allows users to upload content to social media and share it online;Institutionalising and encouraging the sharing and sharing of research data.