‘I love it’: Ivanka Trump on ‘I Love it’ interview with SiriusXM host Chuck Todd

On SiriusXM’s Chuck Todd Show, Ivanka Trump gave her thoughts on the election and her daughter’s future as First Lady.

In a wide-ranging interview with Todd, Ivanka revealed her thoughts about the future of her family, including her desire to be a “role model” and how she’s enjoying working in the Trump administration.

Ivanka also said that she doesn’t expect her daughter to be the First Lady herself, but she hopes to one day be one of the First Ladies of the world.

“I am proud of my family,” Ivanka said.

“And I love it.

But I know I am a role model for my kids, and I think that’s what they want to do as well.

And that’s great.

I want to inspire them to follow in my footsteps, to want to make a difference.”

When Todd asked Ivanka what she thought of President Donald Trump, Ivanka said, “I think he is doing a fantastic job.”

Todd pressed Ivanka on the potential of having a First Lady in the future.

“I mean, I think it’s a possibility, because you have been so successful in the industry, you have had the honor of being President of the United States,” Ivanka replied.

“If I could have one role model, I would be Ivanka, the First Woman President of America.

I love that.”

Todd also asked Ivanka about her upcoming book, The Art of the Deal: How Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Will Transform the World, and whether or not she’s worried about what’s coming from the Trump Administration.

“Well, it’s so exciting, I’m so excited,” Ivanka answered.

“Because I know that I’m the first daughter of the country, so I know what it’s like to be on the front lines.

I’m not scared.

I know the world has changed so much, but I’m going to be there to make sure that I am there for my children.

I just want them to know that, ‘Mom, we have a First Woman in the White House.'”

Ivanka also addressed the criticism that her son is becoming more aggressive, which she said is not true.

“It’s not true, because I am the First Daughter, the youngest, so when you see me getting into fights, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love them, but it’s not a show, it means I am protecting them.

And they don’t have to know what I’m doing.

And I don.

I have to be careful,” Ivanka explained.

“You know, I know it’s easy to get into a fight.

You know, if I don´t put them in the right frame of mind and the right situation, it´s a fight, and it doesn´t happen often, and they don´s get hurt, and you don´ts get to be happy about it.

I get to say that I love them as well, but you know, that´s how it is.”

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