How to Play: A Beginner’s Guide to the 2017 NFL Draft

By Emily M. Singer-KlugerThe 2017 NFL draft is just weeks away and for fans of all ages, that means the time has come to get to know the league’s top prospects.

Here are some tips and pointers for those who are just getting started.1.

The draft will be an eventful timeIn a way, the draft is like an Olympics for college athletes.

You’re watching the games in person, watching games on TV, but you’re also getting to see the big picture.

So you can’t miss out on the excitement of this year’s draft.

For that reason, there will be plenty of big moments.

The most exciting moment is when the top pick, a defensive end from a team like Alabama or Texas A&M, is taken.2.

There will be lots of top prospectsIn general, there are only two prospects in the first round.

That means the number of top players who go in the draft will grow dramatically.

And when that happens, there’s bound to be some competition for that pick.

The second- and third-overall picks in the NFL draft have been projected to go first, second, and third.

They’ve all been on the rise since the start of the year, with the top three picks already gone.

It’s also likely that the third- and fourth-overalls will go in some order.3.

There are still plenty of optionsThe first round of the draft comes down to a few things: Who is the best defensive end in the class, who is the most exciting offensive lineman and linebacker prospect, who will get the most reps at left tackle and at outside linebacker and how well does a player like Ezekiel Ansah fit into the team’s plans for this year?

The NFL draft has only two days to decide.

The draft order can change throughout the day.

But in the end, the best player will be picked first.

That is because that is the order that matters most in the game of football.

It is what separates good teams from bad ones.4.

You need to know how to predict draft positionThe draft will go down as one of the biggest events in sports history.

It will be a huge moment for the league and the NFL Players Association.

But the process of selecting the top prospects will be fascinating to watch.

You can watch it on TV or on a computer, and you can listen to the draft podcasters on your favorite podcast platform.

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Here are a few key things you should know before the draft:• The first round is a lot like the draft in baseball: Teams draft at the top, and then there’s a lot of chaos.• There are two teams in the middle of the pack.

The Giants, the defending champions, are No. 1 and the Cowboys, the second-place seed, are just a few spots behind them.• In the third round, there is a wildcard, which means that the team with the highest projected record in the NFC East could have the first pick.• The Cowboys and Giants are both expected to make the playoffs, which is an indication that the top two teams are close.• A lot of the teams who are projected to be on the bubble, including the Jets, Eagles and Bills, are likely to go No. 2.• Teams who fall to No. 3 will be left with an opening in the fourth round.

The Browns, Jets and Jaguars are all projected to fall to that spot.• No matter how you view the draft order, the first-over all teams, with two or more first-round picks, will be the favorites in the league.

The Cowboys are a great example of that.

The second-over most teams will have an advantage.