NEW YORK (August 6, 2018) – While there are plenty of similarities between the Mancunian version of Diablo 3 and the one that will debut this October for PS4, a major difference lies in the game’s final form.

“In our case, we really want to make a Diablo 3 that is truly original and fresh and that is not tied to any one franchise,” says producer Eric Kaplan.

“We wanted to create a game that would be like an experience that is different for each player.

And we wanted to be true to what we feel is the core of Diablo, which is, there are always new things coming and new challenges that you have to deal with.”

The new release for the Xbox One, however, will feature a new game engine.

“The core gameplay of Diablo III will be based on the Frostbite 3 engine, which was created by Blizzard Entertainment,” Kaplan says.

“It was created for PC and consoles, but now it is coming to consoles as well, which I think is really exciting.”

“So we are very excited about that,” he adds.

“So, for the PC and console version of the game, we have two entirely new levels to explore.

And then, on the console, we are doing the same thing but we’re taking advantage of the Frostbolt engine that was created specifically for console games.

So, that’s a lot of new stuff to be able to do.”

There will be four player-vs-player, single-player and four-player modes.

“One of the reasons why we want to bring that game to consoles is because there are a lot more players,” Kaplan continues.

“And so we want that to be the experience that players want to have.”

“There will always be a new challenge and a new element that you’re going to have to solve, and it is really important that players feel that this is the game that they want to play,” he says.

It will be a challenge for those who have played the game on PC, but it is also one that Kaplan is happy to see the new engine bring to consoles.

“I think for us, it’s really exciting to have that engine on console, because it is not only a more modern engine, but also the next generation of console, as well,” he explains.

“And, obviously, it is much more robust.

And that is something that we can leverage on consoles.”

Kaplan believes that with the new Frostbite engine, players will feel more comfortable with the game in terms of the visual fidelity and gameplay, and that they will be able more easily tackle all the new content.

“They’ll have a much more enjoyable time,” he states.

“There’s no doubt about that.”

But is there a game for PC?

“Yes,” Kaplan replies.

“I mean, it will still be challenging, but there’s no denying that we will make a game with PC players.”

“You know, I think the big thing is that we want players to experience the game the way they feel it.

And so that is very exciting to me, that players are going to enjoy it the way that they enjoy Diablo.”

While Kaplan and his team are confident in the new console release, they also recognise the potential of PC gamers to embrace the game.

“You’ve seen how Diablo 3 on PC was very different from what it is on console,” Kaplan explains.

“So I think for PC players, it may be very challenging at first.”

But we do want to try and provide an experience for them, so we are making sure that we take into account their needs and their desires.

“For example, I would say the most important thing is to make sure that you are able to play with your friends and play with people that you trust.

You know, that is a big part of Diablo.

You can’t just go and do your own thing.

So, it needs to be a great experience, but you also have to be playing with your own friends and trust that your friends will help you.”