When Will New York’s Democratic Governor End the State’s Open Carry Law?

California, New York, Washington, and other states are among a growing number of states across the country that have adopted gun control laws that allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons.

And it’s not just the gun control advocates who are lobbying to end the laws.

In recent weeks, lawmakers in states across America have introduced bills that would prohibit the open carry of firearms by anyone with a permit.

In response to the recent shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, the New York state Assembly passed a bill that would bar state and local governments from requiring gun owners or those carrying concealed weapons to obtain a permit before they can carry.

And on Tuesday, the Massachusetts Senate passed a similar bill that bars cities and towns from passing gun control ordinances that allow open carry.

As the media reported Tuesday, some lawmakers are also pushing for the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a lower court decision that found a state law that allows open carry in public was constitutional.

While a majority of Americans support open carry, the majority of states still ban open carry and it’s a common sight in public places across the U.