How to Rebrand Your Company for Better Search Results

Press release seos,rebranded press release | Goodyear press file | September 28, 2018| Goodyear Press is pleased to announce the rebranding of its website.

Goodyear Press, the largest and most influential digital media company in the world, is excited to announce that it has been rebranded.

Goodyear will now be known as Goodyear Group and will become a subsidiary of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc. (GTR).

Goodfield, Texas-based Goodyear is the largest automotive tire manufacturer in the United States.

In an effort to align the company with the consumer, Goodyear’s brand has been updated to better reflect its growing presence in the automotive, health and beauty industries.

Goodfield has been the recipient of several awards for its products including the 2016 Global Cleaning Challenge, the 2017 National Cleaning Award, and the 2018 National Clean Air Award.

The rebrand also includes the addition of a new logo and brand identity, the Goodyear brand logo.

“We are excited to join forces with Goodyear and partner with Goody Company to rebrand our website for better search results and advertising reach,” said David Gerson, CEO of Goody Co. “The new branding will further align Goody with and create a stronger brand identity for our consumer.”

The rebranded website will have an optimized experience that will be better suited to the current digital environment.

The new will also be integrated into, a leading online advertising network for brands and retailers.

“We have a great opportunity to grow our brand and create an even better advertising platform,” said Rob Pfeiffer, President of Goodies Group.

“With our new brand identity and new ad platform, we can offer even better search for Goodyear products, which is why we are rebrandning our website.

We look forward to sharing our vision with our consumers and will continue to evolve our brand.”

Goodyear Group was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Goodyear, Texas.

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