How to find out if a news outlet is fake

It’s easy to see why many tech companies are moving away from the old-fashioned method of finding out whether an article is real.

But in some cases, it’s downright impossible to know if an article on the newsstand is actually real, especially if it’s published by a fake news outlet.

Here are three simple steps to check to see if a story is fake.

If you’re worried, there’s also a quick way to check whether a newsroom is fake: Check the title of a news article.

There are a few different ways to check the title on a newsstand article.

If it says “fake news” on the front, that means it’s probably fake.

Check the headline of the article.

Most news outlets use headline tags to indicate the news is fake, but you can also look at the title, which tells you the type of news the article covers.

If the headline says “false flag” or “fake,” then you can be pretty sure the article isn’t actually news.

And if the headline reads something like “fake election,” you can assume the article is fake as well.