How the NFL could help boost its struggling franchises future by adding a $1.5 billion franchise investment

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear he doesn’t want to wait for another owners decision on a franchise that has failed to produce championship football in over two decades.

He wants to see his league’s owners approve a $2 billion investment to help revive the struggling Minnesota Vikings.

Goodell’s push comes at a time when the NFL is facing increasing pressure to improve its fortunes.

The NFL’s top commissioner, Roger Goodell, has been in the middle of a public feud with the league’s leadership, and the commissioner has been pushing for the league to do more to help the struggling franchise.

On Tuesday, Goodell said the league is looking at a $4 billion investment in the franchise to help make the Vikings a contender.

“We are open to discussing an investment in a franchise,” Goodell said at a news conference.

“This is something that I think is necessary and it’s something we can talk about, but I think the focus for me is that we need to make sure that the franchise continues to have a positive impact on the community, and I think it is important for the Vikings and for our players to have that positive impact.”

The Vikings have not won a playoff game since 2001 and are still searching for a new stadium.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says his league is open to considering a $3 billion investment for the franchise.

“I am open to discussion about an investment,” Goodell told reporters Tuesday.

“But I don’t want the Vikings to have to make a decision.”

Goodell said he has no doubt that the NFL would take steps to help stabilize the franchise, but he stressed the need to find a suitable investment to give the Vikings the financial stability to survive.

“If I were the NFL commissioner, I would certainly be open to any kind of investment that would help us to make this franchise viable, and we need a viable franchise, so we can get back to being a winner,” Goodell added.

“That’s why I have said from the very beginning, I am going to be open-minded on the topic.

We will look at any investment that we can make.

We’ll look at every investment that the league can make to help them.”

Goodell and other NFL leaders have expressed their desire to see the Vikings return to the playoffs for the first time in 20 years, but they have not publicly discussed a potential relocation plan.