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Paypal has been hacked by a group that is reportedly calling itself the “Shadow Brokers.”

The group claims to have obtained the password to the payment processor and is posting details of the breach to the darknet.

Paypal did not respond to a request for comment.

The group claims that they have leaked more than a dozen payment accounts to pay for goods and services on Paypal, and they are asking for donations to help them launch their “PayPal Hackathon” next month.

PayPal has been compromised over 20 times.

In total, the group says they have accessed over $150 million in payment accounts.

Payments made through Paypal were not affected, but the company’s website and payment processing system were.

The hacker group has posted details of what they claim is the payment breach in the dark net, with links to the source code.

Pay Pal’s website is inaccessible, and the site’s “Paypal” page has been taken down.

PayPal said it is investigating the breach and will be taking measures to protect its systems.

“PayPal is working with the relevant authorities and law enforcement to investigate the incident and we are making the necessary changes to prevent the next incident,” the company said in a statement.

“We will continue to take all necessary actions to protect our users, our customers and our partners, including removing unauthorized accounts and any unauthorized access to payment data and payment processes.”

PayPal has faced numerous security breaches in recent years.

In January 2017, it announced a $50 million cyber security initiative aimed at reducing the risk of cyber attacks.