How to read adidas’ press release

A new adidas collaboration is bringing some serious new attention to the sneaker world, but the brand’s big announcement came with a lot of familiar, yet important, names on it.

Adidas, which has a history of creating a “cool” brand, is taking a stab at making a name for itself with the release of its first Nike+ range.

Nike+, an initiative launched in October, will offer a collection that will come in a variety of colors, a mix of silhouettes and a variety a variety, of running and ground shoes.

The shoes will be available in the U.S. on April 14, but there’s an option to pick up the range in the United Kingdom, where they’ll be available April 15, 2016.

The first NikePlus shoe, which will be released in April, is called the Nike+ Plus, a collaboration between Nike and adidas.

The shoe will feature a mix and match of colors and silhouettes for an ultra-modern look.

The adidas+ shoes are a new look and feel for the brand, which was previously known for its sleek black, white and gray offerings.

The new Nike+ shoe will be a great way to start a look that is different than your usual adidas shoes.

You’ll get a shoe that is not only different from your usual shoe but will also look and function better.

And, unlike other adidas sneakers, this Nike+ model will not have the usual Nike+ branding, which is still in place on some of the models, like the new Adidas+ 5X.

The adidas Plus shoes will come with an integrated Nike+ app.

And while we haven’t seen any announcements about the app yet, it looks like you’ll be able to connect with other users on a new Nike+.

The adios are on their way, folks.

And if you haven’t yet, make sure to get your preorder bonuses for the adidas plus range today, so you can get them in time for the launch.