Why VMWare should not be a part of VMware press release

VMware, the world’s largest enterprise virtualization platform, announced on Wednesday that it will not join the VMware Workstation Group, a consortium of leading vendors and companies that includes Dell, HP, Lenovo and others.

VMware said that the decision was driven by the needs of its existing customers and customers looking for an alternative to Dell, Lenovo, and HP.”VMWare is pleased to have a strategic alliance with Dell, which has a strong track record of leading and growing its business,” said Kevin B. Wimmer, VMware CEO.

“VMWares focus on innovation, agility and value-add will drive the VMware business model and the business growth of our customers.”

VMware said it will continue to work closely with its customers to further their own business strategy.

“While we do not agree with the VMware WG, it has proven to be an invaluable tool for us to help accelerate our growth,” said Bill Lee, senior vice president and general manager of Dell, in a statement.

“Our Dell community and customers have been our core value for decades.

The Dell partnership with VMware continues to support our mission to deliver the best hardware and services for our customers and partners.”

The VMware WGB also said that VMware will continue its partnership with the Linux Foundation and its “Open Source Software Initiative,” which supports the open source code of open-source software.

VMware’s partners also said they would continue to support VMware’s Open Source Software initiative and the Linux foundation.

The VMware WGP will continue working with the other vendors, VMware said.

The announcement comes as VMware is expected to announce the next-generation of its VMware Workbench platform later this year.

VMware announced its first commercial workstation last year, which is based on the company’s Fusion workstation operating system, with Dell as its primary hardware vendor.