Which NFL player will be suspended or fined for his role in the Ray Rice domestic violence incident?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday fined a wide range of players for their role in domestic violence incidents, from players to coaches and front office staff.

Goodell was expected to make the final decision on whether to fine each player, but he gave some details about his decision, which includes the punishment for the NFLPA and the NFL.

He also made it clear that he wants to be “fiscally responsible” for his league.

Goodell said the league has spent $4.8 billion on domestic violence programs, including about $2 billion on the Super Bowl.

He said that the NFL’s new program, which was launched in April, has a goal of $4 billion in the fiscal year that begins in July.

Goodell added that the league’s $25 million in grants and other initiatives for domestic violence victims are expected to help more than 600,000 people through the end of the fiscal.

Goodell also said that more than 20 teams in the league will be fined $10,000 each by the league for their failure to follow its guidelines on when to report a player for domestic abuse.

Goodell made clear that the penalties would apply only to players and not to team employees.

The NFLPA said that Goodell’s decision is a victory for the victims of domestic violence and that it is disappointed that Goodell did not do more to end the practice.

“The league’s long-standing policies on domestic abuse have worked to stop the practice and make the NFL safer for women and children,” the union said in a statement.

Goodell issued the decision on Tuesday night, one day after the league announced that it was removing former New York Jets wide receiver Michael Vick from the NFL for five games for violating the league policy on domestic partner violence.

Vick, who had been suspended by the NFL since August for his part in an altercation with his then-fiancee in Las Vegas, was not charged in that incident.

Goodell suspended Vick for one game without pay and fined him $25,000.

Goodell’s suspension was later reduced to three games, and he ordered that Vick be fined an additional $25.5 million.

Goodell has previously said that he would not be punished by the team for the players who broke the league rules.

But he said in June that the players would be punished.

Goodell is under fire from some NFL players who say he failed to enforce discipline against players who are suspected of domestic abuse or assault.