Canada to offer more free childcare benefits for parents to help them afford childcare

A new report from the Canadian Association for Child and Family Services (CAFCFS) says that parents will soon be able to access childcare benefits that are not available to non-custodial parents.

CAFCS released the report on Wednesday (local time) to coincide with the National Child Care Day, which is Thursday, April 19.

“Parents can now take advantage of the new childcare benefits and pay for childcare in addition to paying the child support they need,” said Julie Bélanger, chair of CAFCS’ executive committee.

Consequently, many families are able to spend more time with their children, which in turn allows them to better prepare them for college, work or the workforce.

According to the report, between January 1 and April 30, the average cost per week for childcare benefits was $1,721 for Canadian families.

The average cost for non-Custodian parents was $839.

With the new benefits, parents will now be able pay less for childcare, with a small increase of $1 per week.

For non-non-counciled parents, the cost per day for childcare will increase from $4 to $8.50.

There will also be a $1.75 annual childcare tax credit that can be used toward childcare costs.

While the report does not specifically refer to noncustody benefits, there are many benefits to the plan, including an increase in funding for social and child-focused services and more support for mothers with young children.

Many parents are struggling to find childcare to provide for their kids.

They often struggle to find daycare providers, and many employers are hesitant to offer paid childcare to mothers.

One in three Canadian families struggle to afford childcare for their children. 

With this change, the number of families able to afford their kids’ needs will likely increase in the coming years.

In Ontario, more than a million families were eligible for free childcare this year, up from more than 900,000 last year.