BMW unveils its new 7 Series – 2019 BMW 7 Series

BMW has launched its new model line-up, which includes the BMW 7 series, the first-ever 7 Series to include an all-electric drivetrain.

The new 7 series is the first of a series of seven models to be unveiled this month by BMW, following the launch of the new 7-Series electric model.BMW said the new BMW 7 range of cars will “deliver a more sustainable and efficient driving experience”, with a range of up to 155 miles (230km) on a single charge, as well as an electric range of 400 miles (650km) and a range in excess of 220 miles (380km) at peak times.

The 7 Series will be available in seven different models, with the smallest, the 7 Series S, arriving on September 13, and the smallest and most powerful 7 Series R, the seventh-generation model, due on November 12.

The range of the BMW 8 Series will increase to 210 miles (280km) with the new model, and will be the first model to be offered with a hybrid drivetrain, with BMW also launching a range range of electric models later this year.

The first electric models are expected to be the BMW i8, BMW i9 and BMW i10.BMK’s 7 Series range of vehicles, priced from €28,800 (US$32,700) in the UK, will be launched in 2019.