Apple Inc. Plans to Offer a New ‘Home’ App to ‘Make It Easier to Connect’ to the Internet

Apple Inc., the world’s largest tech company, is looking to launch an app called Home that allows users to “Make It Easy to Connect” to the internet, according to a new press release.

Home, which was announced at the I/O developer conference today, aims to provide a unified interface for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to share content with each other.

It will enable users to share videos, photos, podcasts, and other content through a single place.

Apple said Home will allow users to access the internet in a “one-stop shop” for sharing content.

Users can choose to either share content on a single iPhone, or group it together for viewing.

The Home app will be available on iOS devices starting next year, Apple said in a statement.

Apple did not say when users will be able to buy and download Home for iOS devices.

The Home app includes two features: “Explore” and “Share,” which allows users “to share content, such as video, audio, and photos, in a variety of ways,” Apple said.

“The Share feature will also allow users in the same group to share a single item of content, like video, and share that video with other users.

When sharing, users will see a small button that will show a message about what the sharing is and what the content is.

To open a shared item, just tap the button.”

Home will also be available for the Apple Watch and iPod Touch, with Apple saying the device “will be able connect to the same Wi-Fi networks that the Apple TV and Apple TV Remote support.”