Hertz, Intel unveil new chip that will let patients save more time and avoid costly surgery

The Intel Corporation (Intel) announced today that the company’s next generation of processors, dubbed the Hertz chip, will be available as a standalone product starting in the second half of this year.

The chip will be a standalone device for physicians, nurses, therapists, and others who are looking to reduce their time in the hospital.

The Hertz chips will be built in a custom fabrication process using proprietary nanostructured semiconductors (NSS).

Intel says the Herzels are designed to provide patients with the flexibility and control needed to make the most of their time on the operating table, while simultaneously reducing their medical costs.

Intel’s new chip is designed to reduce medical costs in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Intel says it plans to start shipping the new chip to doctors and other health care professionals in early 2018.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is set to make a keynote appearance at the Healthcare Innovation Summit in Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 18, at which he will address the future of healthcare, Intel CEO and founder Brian Krzzanich, and healthcare professionals.